Dealing with Monday morning blues

mondayy Monday mornings generally don’t cause enthusiasm. The thought of getting up and going to work after a two-day weekend seems daunting.

But it has to be done; you have to face another week at work before the weekend comes again. Complaining and feeling depressed won’t help make it easier. Instead try to make this day more tolerable and easier to face, so that you get the most out of it.

It starts with Friday

Fridays are glorious because you’re looking forward to a great weekend (unless you have to work). Start planning for Monday on a Friday, as undesirable it may seem. Find ways to make Mondays seem less dreadful.

Finish all the important work on Friday itself. If there’s a meeting or conference on Monday, keep everything ready so that you’re well prepared. Then you won’t have to worry about it on the weekend or rush to work on Monday to get ready for it.

Plan your weekend

This is probably the last thing on your mind because on a weekend you just want to do whatever you wish. Well, plan that too! Chances are you’ll have certain house work on the weekend, or functions and parties to attend, friends to meet etc.

Avoid doing too much activity on your only days of rest. By the time it’s Monday, you’ll feel as exhausted as you did on Friday evening. Keep some time only for rest and leisure – watching a movie, reading, sleeping, listening to music etc. Get enough rest on Sunday so that you’re energized for Monday.

Look forward to Monday

As strange as it sounds, you can find ways to anticipate this dreaded day. Make a plan with friends or family for a fun lunch or dinner. If you’re into sports, make a plan to watch games on Monday night with your friends.

If they’re busy, you can have a party by yourself. Get some snacks, drinks and of course, a TV set – you’re ready for a fun night!

Don’t get caught up in Monday morning blues. Welcome the new day with a cheerful smile!