Dealing with Aggressive Child

dealing-with-aggressive-child Is your child too aggressive? Are you fed up with his constant tantrums and do not know how to handle his frequent angers? Parents are often in a quandary about the correct way to handle an aggressive kid. Dealing with aggressive children is quite difficult. However, with patience and understanding you can cure aggressiveness in your child.

Physical punishment will not work
We have often been told that ‘save the stick and spoil the child’. However, if you followed this adage and thought that disciplining your child with the help of the stick can do wonders, then you are mistaken. Physical punishment will only increase your child’s trauma. This will further aggravate his aggressiveness. Hitting and shouting at your child will worsen his behavior. Always remember that your child grows by learning from his environment. If you yell and shout at him, he will only learn to shout and fight further. When your child becomes angry, as a parent you should maintain your calm. Only when you are calm, can you handle the difficult situation.

Understand your child
Why is your child becoming so aggressive? Try to understand your child’s personality, if you want to get to the root of his problem. Children are not able to express themselves in socially acceptable ways. Sometimes aggressiveness is a sign of your child’s inability to handle a certain situation.

If a toy breaks, or if he spills milk or if doesn’t get an item of his choice, he will become aggressive. You can maintain a diary to record the incidents, which triggered your child’s aggressive behavior. By careful study, you can understand your child’s behavior pattern.

Dealing with aggressiveness
Once you locate the factors responsible for raising your child’s tantrum, try to avoid occurrence of these incidents. When your child is in a good mood, talk to him about the reasons for his aggressive behavior. A friendly discussion can even help your child to mend his ways. For instance, if your child becomes easily upset when you don’t buy him a toy, show him pictures of poverty stricken children, for whom owning a toy is a dream. Through affable discussions, you can make your child socially responsible.

If despite your best efforts, you child still remains aggressive, seek the help of a psychiatrist.