Dealing with a crush on your friend

crush Having a crush on someone unattainable is painful. It could be a person you barely know or a famous personality. These one-sided attractions are hard to handle or forget.

But having a crush on your friend is probably the most emotionally difficult situation you could find yourself in. You don’t want to jeopardize your special friendship. At the same time, you can’t control the feelings of anger, pain or jealousy when you see your friend with another man/woman or when they disregard your feelings.

There are many ways to deal with such a crush. Whatever actions you choose to follow, understand the impact it can have on your friendship.

Honest communication

It is difficult to confess your feelings to a friend, especially when you don’t know how they might respond. The fear of rejection often deters people from taking this path. But one also needs to consider the alternative: what if your friend feels the same about you?

Don’t start avoiding your friend if he or she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. You may lose a good friend in the process. Remember that it’s not their fault they don’t feel the same about you.

Getting over it

If a proposal of your love is not an option, then try and get over the crush. Avoid hoping and wishing that someday they’ll fall for you. That day may never come and you’ll have wasted your life in pointless longing.

Meet new people and make new friends. Don’t break your relationship with the friend you have a crush on. Rather be nice and try and act normal around them. Keep yourself busy with individual pursuits. You will have less time to pine for your crush. Eventually, your feelings may go away.

Wrong way

Never try to gain your friend’s affections by destroying his or her existing relationships. It will only make you feel bad when you see your friend hurt and sad. Moreover, you’ll find yourself without love and a friend as well.

One can’t find love through hate. Be a good friend and human being and love will eventually find you.