Dating: guidelines for single parents

dating-couple Dating is difficult enough without the added responsibility of being a single parent. Taking care of children is an important and full time duty. This leaves little room for a social life.

Even if your date likes you, he or she also needs to like your child and vice versa. Your offspring needs to adjust to the addition of a new person in your life as your attention is then divided and not focused on them only.

As a single parent, you may need to observe certain guidelines for maintaining a harmonious social life and family life.

Who is the date?

Judge a person’s character and background properly before you become deeply involved with them. Don’t invite them to your house or introduce them to your children unless you know them very well.

Friendship rocks

Learn to trust them as friends before you become romantically involved. Let your child also become friends with them and establish a healthy relationship before you take your relationship with him or her to the next level.

Date-child relationship

Observe the behavior of your date with your child and also with other children. Remember that he or she should be a good parent to your child if it comes to marriage in the future.

Love is honesty and understanding

Be honest with your date about your family life. Don’t hide the fact that you have children. The person you’re with should like you for who you are, children and all.

In addition, your date needs to understand your responsibilities as a parent. He or she should be supportive of the time you have to spend with your child – football games, talent contests, study time etc. If they are not comfortable with your family duties and responsibilities, you know you’re with the wrong person.

Dating as a single parent involves certain compromises and is different from dating as a single person. You should be prepared to manage both family and personal life while reentering the dating game.