Date guide: selecting a wedding date

The wedding date is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your wedding. This date influences other factors like location and guest list and vice versa. In some cultures, couples decide dates based on astrological or religious considerations. If the couple is neither astrologically nor religiously inclined, they have to consider other factors when picking a date for the wedding.

Dream date
Is there a perfect place where you’ve always pictured your wedding? Then, your wedding date selection may depend on the availability of that location. If it’s a popular place for weddings, then you may need to book it many months in advance.

Famous holidays
Once you know when your desired wedding location is available, you need to consider the other aspects involved. For instance, having your wedding around popular holidays like Christmas or Easter has advantages as well as disadvantages. Firstly, you’ll get more time to plan the wedding and to rest after the big day.

However, not all guests will be free during the holiday season. Some may already have trips or reunions planned and you’ll find many people declining your wedding invitation. If the couple has a large family and is close to them, a wedding in the holiday season may not be the best idea.

The routine life
No matter how excited you are about your wedding, you wouldn’t want to disrupt your normal schedule over it. When selecting a wedding date, ensure that it does not interfere with school or college exams of children in the family. Moreover, you’ll need to ascertain that there’s no pending work at your office so that you can take sufficient leave for the wedding and honeymoon.

Cost cutting
Certain days and months are in high demand for weddings – Saturdays, Valentine’s Day and the month of June. Nevertheless, the prices of flowers, caterers and other vendors are also high on these dates. Unless you can afford an expensive wedding, it would be best to avoid them.

Once you have a date for the wedding, you can carry on with the other preparations for your wedding.