Date dress – what to wear

date-dress1 One of the common questions people face on various social occasions is “what to wear”. Dates are no different; in an effort to impress your date, you try on every piece of clothing you own or shop for hours, attempting to find the perfect outfit.

Remember that taste and style are important. Your date won’t check out the cost of the outfit or the designer label. He or she cares about how you look in those clothes. So even if you wear the most expensive designer dress, your evening will be ruined if the outfit doesn’t suit you.

Dress to impress

Give the date the importance it deserves. Dress in a pleasing, attractive manner for your date as he or she will probably be doing the same. It’s always nice to look nice for your date. Avoid wearing old, faded or torn clothes even if it’s a casual date to a park or a game.

Dress right

Keep in mind the place and occasion when selecting your wardrobe. If it’s a fancy restaurant, avoid wearing jeans and a t-shirt. For a formal date, men can wear a suit and women can opt for a skirt and a fancy top or a dress. Tone down the glitter and sequins and save them for a disco date.

Dress sense

Showing off more than necessary is unacceptable. Exposing your legs, back and stomach by wearing skimpy outfits will be embarrassing for you and your date. Remember that in a public place, certain decorum needs to be observed.

Dressing too much

Paying attention to detail does not mean highlighting every aspect of your attire. Accessories and make up should be worn only as much as necessary. You wouldn’t want to look like a decked up Barbie doll.

Dress for comfort

If you’re self-conscious about your looks on the date, chances are you won’t have a good time and neither will your date. The aim is to enjoy; you’re not being rated for a fashion show!

So dress well and have fun getting ready for date night!