Dark Circles Removing Tips

56093748 The dark circles under your eyes make you look sickly and tired. Whatever you apply to your face to look good, the dark circles never go away. Even after applying makeup your eyes look tired making your appearance dull. Dark circles is a really very irritating at times and need to be treated. Some very easy and simples tricks to remove those dark circles are discussed below for your help. Check out these simple home remedies and make your eyes look fresh again.

Cucumber and potato Juice: Take a piece of cucumber and crush it in a dish to get the juice. Now apply this juice under your eyes. Or you can cut the potatoes in thin slices and put them in a bowl filled with water. After sometime, dip a cotton ball in that potato starch water and put it under your eyes. Leave it for few minutes and then remove it. However, you must be careful while placing those things under the eyes as they should not get into the eyes.

Proper rest: Some people suffer from dark circles because of tiredness. When you get very tired and don’t take rest properly, the dark circles appear under your eyes. In that case, rest is very much important. At the end of the day when you come back home, try to relax and get sound sleep at might. A sound sleep will definitely reduce those dark circles.

Avoid stress: Stress is a major reason for those dark circles under the eyes. If you take too much stress in your professional or social life, it reflects on you. Try to avoid stress and just relax. Learn to take thing sportingly and sometimes let go a few things that are not in your control. Dark circles will go away automatically when you lead a stress free life.