Dangers of Cell Phones

Teenage Gossip. Cell phones offer various benefits such as communicating to the loved ones to conducting various business deals. However, the radiation of cell phone causes various health risks. Prevent usage of cell phone to the maximum extent possible. Don’t place cell phone near to the right ear, as it is directly connected to the brain. Always keep the cell phone near to your left ear.

The electromagnetic signals transmitted from cell phones disrupt the normal functioning of our brain. It may lead to losing memory and sudden confusion apart from affecting the ability to learn. We may not be able to concentrate on various complicated activities such as driving a car. Tuning a radio or talking over a cell phone would cause accidents.

Cell phone usage affects the response time apart from impairing memory. Hands free cell phones emit the radiation 10 times more interfering with brain waves when compared with handheld devices. The use of cell phones while driving should be stopped or restricted. In case of an emergency, they should stop the vehicle to make a call.

Cell phone towers installation should be prevented near the school and hospital premises to prevent health hazards. Some of the nations such as New Zealand have banned the installation of cellphone towers on school properties.

The radio frequency and “second hand” microwave pollution causes invisible threats to the bystanders such as children sitting in the car. Children are more prone to cell phone radiation.

Cell phone usage in the schools should be stopped. They should not be allowed to use cellphone while in the classroom. Use of cell phones affects the concentration of students apart from causing health problems.

Cell phones disrupt electromagnetic communications of immune system. Hence, white blood cells lose their ability to defend against infectious diseases. Cell phone manufacturers should affix a label indicating health risks.

Frequent usage of cell phone would cause nausea, depression, lethargy, fatigue, arteriosclerosis and headache.

Try to use land phones wherever possible.


  • Richard Cameron

    There is no doubt that cell phone radiation in dangerous, but my biggest concern is that everybody keeps looking at cell phones but the biggest potential problem is DECT cordless phones. I bet you were not aware that they are transmitting pulsed microwave radiation 24/7 even if a call is not being made. This is because the original specification called for constant communication between the base stations and all the handsets. This failing has been addressed in some parts of Europe with the introduction of Low Radiation DECT phones. The only problem is that the industry is hiding its head under a stone and keeping it quiet.