Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

alcohol-consumption Alcohol is made through fermentation of vegetables, fruits or grains. Various forms of alcohol can be utilized as a sedative, an antiseptic or a cleaner.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited in the US till the age of 21 years. Teens, who are aged below 21 years, may be arrested if they buy alcohol in the US. However, they can get access to alcohol through other ways. It is estimated that eighty percent of high school students in the US have experimented alcohol. Teens try to experiment with alcohol to feel older, to relax, to minimize stress and to feel good.

Alcohol is a depressant. It is absorbed directly into the blood stream. Intake of alcohol in small quantity would help you relaxed and less anxious. Intake of more alcohol may affect the functioning of brain leading to rude behavior. Alcohol consumption would affect the central nervous system. Some of the messages would not reach brain if alcohol were consumed. Alcohol consumption would alter emotions, vision, movement, perceptions and hearing. Intake of alcohol in large quantities would intoxicate the brain. Some people would be very angry whereas others are friendly after intake of alcohol. People are advised to not to drink alcohol prior to and during driving. They may not be able to take calculated decisions while driving.

Intake of more alcohol would cause vomiting, difficulty in breathing, seizures, extreme sleepiness, low blood sugar and sometimes death.

Ads play a vital role on the minds of kids. They try to imitate the people enjoying alcohol in ads. Also alcohol is consumed in marriage parties and other social events. This will also alter the minds of kids. They feel that alcohol consumption is harmless.

You can prevent intake of alcohol in parties. You can say I have tried once and suffered a lot. My parents don’t like alcohol consumption. If you have a will you can stop drinking at any stage. Drinking of alcohol would lower your dignity in front of others.


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