Dandelion – Not A Weed But Medicinal Herb

You might easily find a dandelion plant in your yard, growing alongside other plants that you have planted with care in the garden. Before plucking this unwanted intruder from your yard, which many people consider as a weed incompatible with the beauty the lawn, wait and consider the medicinal benefits of the herb.

Medicinal uses of dandelion
In the tenth century, the Arabian herbalists are believed to have discovered the immense potential hidden in this common weed. Modern studies have confirmed the wide array of benefits that can be derived from this herb. The FDA considers dandelion a safe herb effective in treating illnesses.

Nutrients in dandelion
Dandelion is a repertoire of a large number of nutrients. The health benefits of the herb are derived from these nutrients. It contains vitamins A, B complex, C and D, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, calcium, silicon, magnesium and boron.

Remedy for edema
The mild diuretic property of dandelion is beneficial for people with edema. However, pregnant and lactating women should avoid this herb.

Cures constipation
Dandelion also functions as a mild laxative. Intake of this herb could heal constipation and normalize bowel movement.

Heals anemia
This herb is a rich source of iron. Drinking a cup of dandelion tea, two times a day, could help to cure anemia that has developed from iron deficiency.

Treats liver disorders
Dandelion is traditionally used in treating liver disorders. This herb could help the liver to regenerate speedily. Herbalists recommend this herb for treating jaundice, hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Dandelion could augment the detoxification function of the body. By triggering bile flow, enhancing the liver function and stimulating the activities of the kidneys, dandelion helps to flash out the wastes and toxins from the body. Taking this herb along with prescription drugs could minimize the side effects of the medications.

Lowers blood sugar level
A cup of dandelion tea could help to lower the blood sugar level in diabetics. However, before using this herb along with diabetes medications, you should consult your physician.

How to use dandelion
You can blanch or boil the leaves of the herb and add it to your vegetable or salad dishes. You can also make herbal tea with the dried leaves and roots of dandelion