Cyclamen – Your Plant For Winter

Cyclamen Are you depressed that the winter chill will rob the colorful blossoms from your garden? To enliven this winter with flamboyant colors simply walk into a nursery and pick up a cyclamen. Cyclamens are your typical winter plant that blooms from early autumn through the spring.

Choosing a cyclamen plant
If you don’t have a garden, you can grow cyclamen indoors. You will come across at least twenty different species of cyclamens. The florist’s cyclamen or Cyclamen persicum is the most popular cyclamen species that can be easily grown indoors. Hybrids such as Metis miniature could survive in the warm indoor temperature. Several Latina hybrids of cyclamen could be used as indoor plants. The hardy cyclamen varieties such as Cyclamen hederifolium starts blooming from early autumn. Cyclamen coum, another popular hardy cyclamen variety could survive until late spring.

Growing cyclamen
You can bring a blooming cyclamen plant from the garden supply store. Cyclamens can also be grown from tubers and seeds. When grown outdoors, cyclamens become dormant during the warm months, and springs back to life when the mercury starts dipping. If you are growing cyclamen indoors, keep your plant in an unheated room where the daytime temperature should not rise over 70 degree Fahrenheit and the evening temperature should not be more than 50 degree Fahrenheit. Cyclamens need lots of sunlight but direct exposure to sun might harm the plant. When growing outdoors, try to plant your cyclamen under the shades of tall shrubs or trees.

Water is essential for the survival of the plant, but excess water can kill the plant. Water your plant only when the soil becomes dry. The soil should be well saturated. If you are growing cyclamen indoors, make sure that the excess water is drained through the drainage holes of the plant pot. The plant tuber could rot from water logging. At the end of the flowering season, stop watering the plant when the leaves start wilting. Remove the potted cyclamen in a cool and dry place. You can replant the cyclamen tubers, and wait for new foliage to arrive. Mites could damage your cyclamen plants. If you notice the foliage becoming curled and the buds loosing their normal shape, remove the damaged plants parts immediately.