Cut Printing Costs in Four Ways

cut-printing-costs If you want to print several documents at home by making use of your inkjet printer you may have surely noticed that the costs of both paper and ink become really big over time. The ink gets depleted in a short while, before you can even understand. However, you can cut printing costs in four ways and save money.

Save Paper

A very simple way of saving printing paper is print as much as you can in one sheet. Select print dialog option. Then from the ‘print what’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Handouts’. Then choose the number of slides you would like for every page. You can save ink by printing in Grayscale. In Microsoft Word, you will get a similar setting. Several laser printers offer an option printing equally on two sides of paper.

Multiple Selections for One Page

Select multiple portions of the page, instead of printing one selection. “Clip” the multiple sections and then print. For laser printing this is a good option. HP offers Smart Web Printing application for Internet Explorer as well as Firefox 2.0.

Select and Print

You should print just the selected part that you require. Microsoft Excel & Word, Internet Explorer, and Firefox have a quality, which enables you to print only a part of text that you need. Choose that part and then move to ‘Selection’ option found in the print dialog.

Friendly Options For You

You must have heard of ‘Print Preview’ and ‘Shrink to Fit’ options. You should first make it a point to use the print preview. This will prevent printing of only one or two lines on a nearly blank page. Print only the portion that you want and don’t waste ink. Firefox as well as Internet Explorer offers shrink to fit option. Use it the next time to you print something. ‘Shrink One Page’ option by MS Word is a good choice also.