Custom made: personalize your wedding

wedding-personal Let your wedding actually look like your wedding. Personalize the ceremony and reception by adding a personal and creative touch to the festivities. Ensure that the guests remember your wedding for years to come.

There are many different ways in which to personalize a wedding. You can include your childhood memories, your journey as a couple, any special incident in your lives, hobbies, passions etc. Just make sure you don’t cross the limit and offend your guests.

The ceremony

When the bride makes her big entrance into the church, it is traditional to play the song ‘Here comes the Bride’ from the classic Wagner opera. However, you can select a song or hymn that has more meaning to you and your partner.

Keep in mind the mood and atmosphere though. People will not appreciate hearing a hard rock number in a church, even if it is your favorite. You can also request the minister to include a story about you and your partner during the ceremony. Again, ensure that it is short and appropriate for telling in a church.

The reception

Instead of including conventional dishes, create your own personalized menu. Serve your favorite food instead. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated either. People usually enjoy dishes that are simple and delicious rather than having something exotic with an unusual taste.

For your first dance as a couple, select a song that is special to both of you. It could be one that you danced to on a date, or one that was playing in the background when you got engaged. Learn the waltz or tango and make your first dance as a couple truly memorable.

If you or your partner is a talented singer or musician, get up on stage and perform something special for your beloved. You can also ask a musician/singer friend or relative to give a performance. Reading a poem written for the couple also adds a personal touch.

You can think of many more ways to personalize your wedding. Just reflect on your lives together and make the wedding truly your own.