Curing Freckles Naturally

The flat brownish spots that sometimes appear on the faces of people with fair skins are known as freckles. Excess melanin deposition on the skin is responsible for this skin condition. With careful application of makeup, you can hide the freckles. However, to reduce these spots, you might need specific medical treatments such as laser treatments and chemical facial peel.

Causes of freckle

To prevent freckles, you should know the causes of this skin pigmentation. Some people have the genetic predisposition to develop freckles. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can aggravate this condition in people with a family or personal history of freckles. Exposure to sunlight for a long period damages the melanin producing melanocytes cells of the skin. The damaged melanocytes start producing excess amounts of melanin, causing freckles. Certain rare diseases such as neurofibromatosis and xeroderma pigmentosum can cause freckle outbreaks.

Freckle prevention

People prone to freckles should take precautions to prevent outbreaks of this skin disorder. Since sunlight is the major cause of freckle outbreak, protecting your skin from direct sunlight can reduce freckles. During the day, you should apply a sun block of at least 15 SPF. It is advisable that people susceptible to freckles should apply sunscreen even when there are indoors. Sunlight entering your room through windows might be enough to trigger freckles in people vulnerable to this condition. While outdoors, you should cover your eyes with sunglasses. Wear hats with broad brim or use umbrella when you are outdoors. Eat plenty of vitamin C rich fruits, such as lime, oranges, grapes, grapefruit, tomatoes and berries. Vitamin C could augment the skin’s ability to resist the harmful action of sunlight.

Remedies for freckle

Freckles can be treated with certain home remedies. Lemon juice is effective in reducing freckles. Horseradish is recommended by folk healers for treating skin pigmentation. To reduce freckles, apply horseradish juice on the affected area of the skin three to four times a day. Add a teaspoon of honey to one tablespoon of oatmeal or wheat germ to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face twice every day. To lighten the freckles, you can even apply tomato juice.