Cure tennis elbow at home

tennis-elbow In the medical term tennis elbow is termed as lateral epicondylitis. It is such a type of disease where the outer part of the elbow becomes tender and painful making the person difficult to lift, carry or grip anything. The elbow also inflates due to this condition. The other cause of tennis elbow is degeneration of the tendons or tendon tears, so it is also termed as Tendonitis.


The most common symptoms that are found in the persons suffering from tennis elbow are pain and tenderness in the parts of the elbow. The other symptoms include weakness in moving the wrist, stretching pain of the fingers, tightening of the muscles and pain to lift objects.


Some of the best known causes of the tennis elbow are-

When the muscles of the elbow are damaged due to certain conditions, stress, elbow injury, pressure on the radial nerve, excessive use of the elbow etc.

Simple home remedies

If ice packs are applied on the elbow for 15-20 mins in a gap of 2-3 hrs then it gives relief from elbow pain and swelling.

Hot pepper which is known as Dostrix can be wrapped around the elbow corner to ease the pain caused on the muscles.

If the ice packs are followed by heat packs then it can reduce the pain in seconds.

If some warm and baked potatoes are covered in the affected area of the elbow then it gives much relief from the pain.

Celery acts as a magic on tennis elbow. If a few drops of the fluid extracted from the seeds are mixed with hot water and consumed, it gives much relief from the severe pain.

The pain and inflammation in the elbows can be reduced with the consumption of Omega -3 fatty acids found in the sea fishes mainly. The main thing is that people should keep a track on their food habits