Cure skin diseases at home

skin-diseases In the language of doctors skin diseases are termed as dermatitis. We know that skin is our first protective agent against natural calamities and viruses. It is the skin which puts itself in the line of fire and protects us, so it is natural for the skin to be affected by some diseases. Any disorders concerned with the skin are known as skin diseases.


There can be many instances of the symptoms such as inflammation, itching, blisters or dryness. There can also be the combination of these symptoms. You must consult a dermatologist to find out what the actual problem is.


The general causes of skin diseases are given below-

Acne– Acne or pimples is the most common skin disease that occurs almost to everyone during puberty. In this stage the excess secretion of oils from the skin due to hormonal imbalances blocks the pores of the skin, which results in the growth of bacteria present inside the pores. Thus it results in inflammation or pimples.

Psoriasis– Due to accumulation of toxins in the body, this disease may occur. It is a kind of auto-immune disease which affects both the skin and the joints

Eczema– Eczema is such a condition of the skin, in which the skin becomes very dry and rashes occur making the skin bleed. It may be caused due to harmful chemicals or may be genetic.

Home remedies

Home remedies provide an inexpensive way to treat the skin. Regular washing of the face with a good quality face wash that contains tea tree oil, helps as an anti- bacterial agent and helps to get rid of acne. Psoriasis can be treated with Epsom salt bath, mud baths and exposure to sunlight. Eczema can be treated with the application of oatmeal or seawater, to reduce the itching and inflammation.