Cure rheumatism at home

cure-rheumatism Rheumatism has been derived from the word “Rheuma” which means swelling. This is a kind of disease in which the muscles and joints of the body become painful and swells gradually.


The general symptoms of the disease include fever, intense soreness, and pain.The pain is so intense that even a small weight adds to the pain.If the disease is not treated well from the beginning then it may become chronic.The acute pain is generally felt in the joints and muscles of the body


The main reason why people become rheumatic is due to the presence of toxic acid in the blood.The consumption of meat, white bread, sugar, and refined cereals creates the toxic waste in the blood.This only happens to the persons who have low vitality.Sometimes infection from the teeth, tonsillitis and gall bladder problems may also cause the disease. This disease becomes more intense when it is exposed to cold water.

Simple home remedies

Treating with raw potatoes is the best medicine to cure rheumatism.If two teaspoons of raw potato juice is taken daily then it releases the toxic materials from the body.Take some potatoes skins and then boil them in water till they become half.Then the solution is to be cooled and filtered. One glass of this solution daily makes the patient fit.

Bitter gourd is also considered the best way to treat the disease. One cup of the juice of gourd mixed with honey should be consumed daily for the best results. This process should be continued for  two to three months.

Lime is also an important element to cure rheumatism.If lime juice is taken two to three times daily for a period of three months then it fully cures the disease.

You can also consume walnuts to cure rheumatism