Cure Depression – Recognize Signs of Depression

cure-depression Although we want to be happy throughout our life, but sadness is bound to invade us. Feeling let down and sad is a normal part of life. But when this feeling of sadness overwhelms us and fails to loosen its grip, we might become victims of depression.

In order to help yourself or your near and dear ones overcome depression, you should first recognize the signs and symptoms of depression.

Depressed or sad?
The word depression has pervaded our life to such an extent, that we describe every sad moments in our life as depression. At the same time, chronic depression is overlooked as a momentary or passing phase in a person’s life. Therefore, before we identify the symptoms of depression, we should know how to distinguish between depression and a temporary blue. Sadness arises as a reaction to personal loss, professional drawback, struggle and disappointments. If these symptoms continue for a prolonged period, and it interferes with our day-to-day activities, depression develops.

Symptoms of depression
According to the personality of a person, symptoms of depression differ from person to person. There are certain common signs of depression, which tends to debilitate the sufferer mentally as well as physically.

Insomnia or excess sleep
People suffering from depression suffer from either insomnia or hypersomnia. Change in sleeping pattern, disturbed sleep, waking in early morning hours, oversleeping and failing to sleep are signs of clinical depression.

Lack of concentration
Clinically depressed individuals have trouble concentrating. They cannot focus on their works. Tasks that were easily performed earlier now appear difficult. Depressed individuals fail to make decisions. He will become short tempered and easily irritated.

Hopelessness along with helplessness is the common symptom of clinical depression. To a depressed person the future appears bleak. He feels that nothing can be done to improve life and he feels that he is gradually loosing control over life. Negative thoughts always haunt a depressed individual. Sense of guilt and worthlessness arises. He starts making harsh self-criticisms about past mistakes.

Loss of appetite or over eating
A clinically depressed person either starts over eating or loses interest in food. He will experience rapid increase or decrease in weight.

Loss of interest in daily activities
A clinically depressed person will lose interest in regular activities. He will stay away from social activities, hobbies and entertainment.