Cupcake creativity-decorating cupcakes

decorating-cupcakes Who doesn’t love a bite of a delicious cupcake? These little desserts are every sweet tooth’s pleasure and a wonderful delight for those on diet. They may be small but are quite capable of providing complete enjoyment for one’s taste buds.

Cupcakes are a great resource for wannabe artists to enhance their creative skills. Forget paper: gather half a dozen cupcakes – these are your canvas; and for your tools — icing, sprinkles, candy and the like.

How to start
The first thing you’ll need is…cupcakes, of course! Either buy them or make them at home, according to the level of your baking skills. Have plenty of frosting ready. Depending on your taste, you can choose different flavors like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

The cupcakes should be cool and ready before you begin frosting. Ensure that the frosting is not too soft. Spread it with a flat spatula on the cupcake as a thick layer. If you have the time and patience, alternate colors on the cupcake in stripes or circles.

Use candy, nuts, sprinkles, edible flowers etc to decorate the cupcake. You can randomly spread them or make designs and shapes. The theme of your party or simply your mood can determine the style of your cupcake.

Junior artists
It is common knowledge that children love sweets; children also like trying out new things. If you give them both pleasures, you’ll be rewarded with lots of laughter and happy, smiling faces.

Let kids decorate their own cupcakes when its dessert time. It’s up to you to keep this as a special weekend treat or a party activity. It’s like two birds with one stone: they enjoy a fun game and can also eat a delicious dessert.

As a precaution, use a less expensive table cloth and keep all sharp items out of the children’s reach.

Tier of cupcakes
Go off the beaten track with a cupcake tier at your wedding reception instead of the regular 3-5 tier wedding cake. It is economical if you’re having a budget wedding and convenient to serve as well.

Piece of ‘cupcake’, isn’t it?!