Cucumber and its Benefits

cucumber-and-its-benefits Among the various vegetables, cucumber is really special. It has multiple health benefits. Cucumber makes great salads and also does wonders in the beauty treatments. Various homemade skin therapies can be done with cucumber juice. Let’s check out the health benefits of cucumber and start eating it more frequently. The following tips would be beneficial for you.

The Juice of Cucumber:

Drink one glass of cucumber juice in the scorching summer and you will feel much cooler. It keeps your cool from within and protects you from sun strokes and stomach upsets.

Take a cotton ball and dip it in the cucumber juice. Then rub it gently all over your face and neck. Let it dry on your skin for some time (1 hour) and then wash off. It reduces the dark patches of your skin and helps to remove the pimple marks.

Cucumber juice is especially good for pimples and acnes. Take two teaspoons of cucumber juice and add few drops of lemon juice in it. Mix them well and apply on your pimple affected areas of the skin. Wash off with cold water after at least 15 minutes. The pimples will reduce and the dark marks will also reduce. Do this regularly and not for a single day.

Cucumber Salads:

Cucumber tastes good and is preferred in salads. Cut it into round slices and spread a pinch of salt and sea salt over it. It becomes a tasty salad which is very healthy too. Cucumber is not at all fatty and that why conscious people add it in their diet.

Cucumber with Yogurt:

Cucumber also tastes good with yogurt. Take 2-3 tablespoons of yoghurt in a bowl and in another plate, you have to take crushed cucumber or very small pieces of cucumber. Now you have to take out the juice from the cucumber slices by wrenching them. Throw away this juice and add the dry cucumber in the yogurt. Mix them well and add a pinch of salt and a little sugar in it to increase the taste. It is a very healthy dish and can be served as desert.