Crunchpad – The Upcoming Touchscreen Tablet PC

crunchpad Tech geeks can expect a present this Christmas season, for which they were waiting for a long time. In November, just ahead of the Christmas shopping season, the world will see its first tablet PC. Singapore based company Fusion Garage, in association with the US based technology blog Techcrunch, seems to be ready to launch Crunchpad – the touchscreen tablet computer.

Crunchpad features
Although we are talking about a tablet, but the specifications offered by Fusion Garage to the Singapore based The Straits Times, nonetheless appears that Fusion Garage has added quite some bulk to this device.

Crunchpad will be 12.77 inches long, 7.83 inches wide and 0.74 inches thick and will weigh 1.2kg. It will feature a 12-inch touchscreen display.

The operating system of this touchscreen tablet has been developed by Fusion Garage. Web Kit, developed by this Singaporean company, is a web centric browser operating system. This operating system could also appear as the biggest disadvantage of Crunchpad. Many prospective tablet PC users might not appreciate the missing storage space in the tablet. This means that you could never work on this tablet PC without connecting to the internet. In order to access or edit a file, you have to find your relevant software on the internet. You also have to save your files through the internet. In brief, Crunchpad will be a web-driven tablet PC. The tablet will run on 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and will boast 1GB RAM.

Since this is a complete touchscreen device, users have to use their fingers for typing on its virtual keyboard. Every task including scrolling and opening pages requires specific finger movements. Users therefore will have lots to learn about adjusting finger movements to accomplish different tasks on the tablet PC. The display of Crunchpad is equipped with accelerometer, switching between landscape and portrait views. Crunchpad will have an USB port, which could be used for connecting a mouse or keyboard. It will also support 3G and WiFi.

Crunchpad is likely to cost around $400.

If you are not completely satisfied with the features of this upcoming tablet PC, then you have to wait until the end of this year for the 10-inch application driven Apple tablet.