Creative wedding ceremonies

creative-wedding-ceremonies Wedding ceremonies don’t have to be the stiff and formal affairs that they are usually made out to be. Since it is your wedding, you can choose to be creative and plan a special ceremony that will be remembered by the guests as ‘yours’ forever.

There are many cultures in the world and each has its own unique way of celebrating special occasions.

Each individual has his or her own interests and talents. Elements from these varied facets of life can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony to make it personal. Of course, a unity is needed; otherwise it’s just a mish mash of sorts.

Culture and tradition
Cultures across the world have varied ways of celebrating weddings. In some countries, people throw rice on the couple after the wedding ceremony while in others they light a candle together. Giving bread and salt to the couple as a symbol of health and prosperity is also observed in some cultures.

If you plan to incorporate any of the world traditions in your wedding, make sure that they are accepted by your place of worship. If both of you are from different cultural backgrounds, integrate customs of both in your wedding ceremony.

The joy of family and friends
Rather than having your family and friends as mere spectators at your wedding ceremony, let them play an active part. Lighting candles as the couple recites their vows is a good tradition if the crowd is not too large.

The congregation can also stretch their hands out towards the couple as a blessing. Remember to check with the church officials about the acceptance of such practices before planning them.

Say it with love
Understanding the meaning of the words spoken rather than reciting them mindlessly is much more meaningful. Select a poem, reading, or a passage from a book to recite or read: it should be something you both love or that has meaning in your life. Singing a song or hymn, if allowed, also makes the ceremony more meaningful.

Let your wedding ceremony live as a special memory in everyone’s mind forever.