Creative space: setting up your work corner

The muse of creativity does not come easily; and when it does, a great work of art may come into being. However, if you’re still gathering work materials an hour later, the moment of inspiration passes away. When you have an inspiring idea, you’d like to give it shape immediately. This is when you retire to your creative work corner.

A creative work corner is a space in your house where you can spend hours on your craft without any disturbance. The luxury of studios is not given to all artists; neither can everyone afford to have separate rooms for creative work. Therefore, a work corner to exercise your creative muscles is the best option.

What your heart desires
First, you need to choose a corner of your house that attracts you the most. Ideally, a space that is quiet and away from street noises and neighborhood squabbles is the best. However, some people find it difficult to work when it is too quiet! Let your heart’s desire dictate your selection process.

I came, I saw, I conquered
Put your personal stamp on the place once you know it fits the bill for your creative work corner. You can add a screen to prevent intruders from invading your space. Clear out any furniture or items used by household members in general. Otherwise, you’ll have to tolerate frequent interruptions while working.

Cleanliness and organization
Keep your creative workspace clean and neat. Any mess caused by craftwork should be cleared after completing the work. Otherwise, the next time you’re ‘inspired’, it’ll take longer to start working because you’ll be clearing up your desk.

Ensure that all your supplies are within reach, organized in various categories. Restock them regularly so that you never have to be disappointed due to lack of material. Light up the corner with a good work lamp to avoid strain on your eyes.

Finally, add the finishing touch with a little creative d̩cor. Landscape paintings, potted plants, a snapshot of your beloved Рanything that moves you will contribute to the beauty of your creative work corner.