Creating A Butterfly Garden

butterfly-garden Your garden is incomplete if butterflies do not choose to visit it every day. Colorful butterflies flying around your garden will make your garden more attractive. To attract butterflies regularly in your garden, you have to create a butterfly garden – a garden designed to attract butterflies.

Butterflies are tempted by nectar. To have a butterfly garden you should plant nectar-producing plants. Plants belonging to the mint family are good sources of nectar for butterflies. Lilac, petunia, asters, butterfly weed and coneflowers are popular easy to grow nectar producing plants, which you can grow in your butterfly garden.

Flower color
Although, butterflies largely visit flowers in search of nectar, but sometimes colors of flowers, such as purple, red, pink, orange and yellow, attract butterflies. You can plant colorful flowering plants to attract butterfly.

However, the colors of the flowers should be similar or have shades of a single color. A garden with several different colored flowers will look extremely attractive, but butterflies do not like too much mix of colors.

Flower shape
The shape of the flowers in your butterfly garden should be comfortable for landing and feeding. Butterflies prefer flowers, which are tube shaped, or have large and flat petals.

Flowering season
Annuals are best choice for butterfly gardens, since they produce flowers throughout the year. To attract butterflies, your garden should supply nectar throughout the year. While planting perennials, make sure that the summer months are the peak blooming season of the plants. Butterflies are most active during this period. Butterflies also love sunshine. Your garden should get enough sunlight for at least six hours every day.

Avoid chemical pesticides
Indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides will kill the caterpillars and the butterflies will stay away from your garden. Apply pesticides only at the spots inflicted by pests. Allow spiders, ladybird beetles and ground beetles to move around your butterfly garden. These insects by feeding on pests will keep your garden pest free naturally.