Create A Feng Shui Garden

Are you wondering how to change the layout of your garden? You can consider building a Feng Shui garden. Feng Shui garden is designed according to the ancient Chinese principle of placement of objects to facilitate smooth flow of the ‘chi’ or positive energy. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t subscribe to this popular Chinese belief that promises to give you wealth, happiness and good health. You can rely on the Feng Shui principles solely to create a scenic garden.

Planting trees
Plants are the main attraction of any garden. You should select plants and position them in such a manner so that the positive energy could flow unobstructed. In a Feng Shui garden, small shrubs should be planted at the southern part of the garden. Make sure that none of the shrubs or branches of the tree blocks the windows of the house. Popular shrubs that can be grown in Feng Shui garden include rose, camellia, rhododendron, clematis and forsythia.

To attract wealth in your house, you should plant red or purple colored bougainvillea. In Feng Shui, red and purple are popular colors for attracting happiness and wealth. On the western part of your garden, you should grow small shrubs and flowers with sweet fragrance. For growing trees, you should choose the eastern part of your garden. Flowering or fruit trees and shrubs are beneficial for Feng Shui garden. You should grow climbing plants against walls of your garden.

Care for Feng Shui garden
Promptly remove dead plants and tree stumps from the garden. These would increase flow of negative energy in the garden. All dry blooms and foliages should be cut and removed from the garden.

Feng Shui garden decoration
The decoration of the Feng Shui garden should be arranged in such a manner so that the yin and yang balance in the garden remains intact. To improve your relationship with your spouse, you can consider installing garden lights at the southwest corner of the yard. Any water feature in the garden should remain spotlessly clean. Unclean water will not only ruin the appearance of your garden, but it will also increase flow of negative energy. To balance the yin and yang energy you can place rocks besides tender plants in your garden.