Cranberry Frozen Yogurt

Cranberry Frozen Yogurt Cranberry Frozen Yogurt

Cranberry frozen yogurt is an easy to make dessert. It takes only half an hour to prepare cranberry yogurt and then you need to freeze it to get cranberry frozen yogurt. The following tips may help you to make cranberry frozen yogurt.

Cranberry Sauce

Take a saucepan and to this add one cup water and one cup sugar and boil them. Once the water starts to boil, add 12 ounce or one can fresh cranberries to the pan and continue boiling under low flame. According to your taste you can change the amount of sugar added to the cranberry sauce. Cook the cranberries till it burst open and make the water thick. You need to stir the contents in between and it takes almost ten minutes for the cranberries to burst. Then take the saucepan from heat and allow it to cool. While the cranberries get cooled the sauce will get more thicken. This will give you almost 2 ¾ cups of cranberry sauce.

Cranberry Frozen Yogurt

Get a medium sized bowl and to this add 1 ¾ cups of plain whole milk yogurt, three ounce or ¾ cups of powdered sugar, half cup heavy cream, half teaspoon lemon zest and two teaspoon lemon juice. Whisk the entire contents together till you get a smooth mixture. Then keep it in an ice cream maker for freezing.

Now take cranberry sauce and mash the sauce very well in order to break the large berries. You can use a potato masher or rubber spatula. Never get worried about over mashing as there will be lumps always. Now you can add the sauce to the frozen yogurt but make sure that the cranberry sauce is chilled or completely cool. If you add hot sauce then it may spoil your effort.

Keep the frozen yogurt in a bowl and slowly fold in the cranberry sauce to the frozen yogurt with the help of a large spatula. While adding sauce no need to incorporate the whole sauce as it will give a marbleized appearance. Then freeze the yogurt and sauce together for half an hour or till it becomes slightly set with a light texture. If you want to soften the frozen cranberry yogurt then add a little cranberry sauce and serve it.

Each half cup serving will provide 361 calories, 68 grams carbohydrate, 3 gram fiber, 37 milligram cholesterol and three gram proteins to you.