Corner Decor – Decorating The Empty Corners Of Your House

While decorating the rooms of the house, we often tend to neglect the corners. Some of us, though aware of the importance of corner decors, lack enough ideas for decorating the empty corners of the room. With some unique ideas, you can transform the corners of your house into key functional areas of your house.

Corner decor – pictures
You can transform the corner of your living space into a tiny art gallery. Hanging few framed pictures and artworks on the walls at the corner will add an aesthetic element to your living room decor. Lighten up the corner art gallery of your room with an ornate floor lamp. You can even position a comfy chair and a small table at the corner. Here you can relax and read a book or a newspaper. You can even invite your guests to your tiny art gallery.

Corner decor – indoor plants
To add a green and natural element to your room, you can place one or two large potted indoor plants at the corners of your room. However, to enable your plants to survive, the corner of you room should get enough sunlight and air. You can consider placing short potted plants on a small stool or low table. You can display several potted plants of different heights, textures and colors. You can even consider decorating the corner of your room with artificial plants.

Corner decor – fish tank
A fish tank will enliven the corner of your room. A small aquarium with live fish and marine plants could be placed in a well-lit corner.

Corner decor – reading area
You can convert a well lit peaceful corner of your house into a tiny reading area. Place a wooden or wrought iron bookshelf at the corner. At one side of the bookshelf, keep a tall floor lamp and a comfy chair or a beanbag chair. Instead of using a bookshelf, you can place the books on the windowsill or on a small table.

Corner decor – pedestal
You can fill an empty corner with a pedestal. Depending on your budget, you can choose an expensive ornate marble or a cheaper plaster pedestal. On top of the pedestal, position a sculpture or vase with live or artificial flowers.