Corel Home Office Designed for Netbooks

corel-home-office To install software from a standard optical disc, netbook users need an external optical drive. However, the new office suite launched by Corel has been designed specifically for netbook users. The latest Corel office suite, dubbed Corel Home Office, has been released on a USB drive, making it easy to install this software in laptops.

Corel Home Office features
Corel Home Office is designed for word processing, project presentation and creating spreadsheets. If you are always in a quandary about the correct letter or report-writing format, the tools of Corel Home Office will come handy in writing the appropriate letters, reports, term papers and even resumes. Creating graphs, charts, spreadsheets and even budgets has been simplified by this office suite. You can create good quality slideshows, incorporating images and charts, for your project presentation with Corel Home Office. It is also possible to change languages instantly by clicking the right button. Another interesting feature of this office suite is its built-in PDF publishing application. You can easily create PDF documents from any application without the help of any external software.

Corel Home Office is compatible with Microsoft Office. It can open, edit and save most files created in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, difficulty in opening Microsoft Office files cannot be completely ruled out.

The applications packed in Corel Home Office suite include Corel Write, Corel Calculate and Corel Show. Corel Write is compatible with Microsoft Word files. The Autocorrect feature of Corel Write enables correction of grammatical errors in English, German, Spanish and French. Corel Calculate is compatible with Microsoft Office Excel. It is designed to provide solutions to your business and financial problems. You can create macros, pivot tables and promptly convert spreadsheets to PDF documents with Corel Calculate. Corel Show is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can easily customize slide shows with Corel Show. If there is dearth of space in your laptop, instead of installing all the applications together as a suite, you are free to install only the applications of your choice.

Corel Home Office is reasonably priced at $69.99.