Corby Pop and Corby Speed – New Versions of Samsung Corby

Samsung Corby S3650 was launched in September. Since then this stylish touchscreen cell phone, equipped with social networking features, have managed to grab the attention of the youth. Riding on the popularity of the original Corby handset, Samsung has churned out several versions of the Corby to suit different needs and budgets. Recently, Samsung has launched two affordable Corby models – Samsung Corby Pop and Corby Speed.

Samsung Corby Pop

We were expecting to see this cheapest Corby handset, and finally Samsung has unveiled the Corby Pop. Samsung has scaled down some features of the Corby S3650 handset to create a Corby version commensurate with the lower price tag. The 4.09 inches (height) x 2.18 inches (width) x 0.51 inches (depth) phone weighs 3.25 oz. Similar to the original Corby handset, Corby Pop flaunts a 2.80 capacitive touchscreen with 262K colors support and 240 x 320 pixels resolution. The 1.3 megapixel camera of the phone might seem like a dampener. Nonetheless, this basic camera of the touchscreen phone comes with 4 x digital zoom, several photography tools and video recording capability. Samsung Corby Pop sports integrated MP3 music player and FM radio. It supports stereo Bluetooth. USB port, microSD slot and 3.5mm audio jack are fitted in the Corby Pop handset. Web browsing on Corby Pop will be supported by the integrated Access NetFront 3.5 browser. Samsung Corby Pop features 30MB internal storage space. With microSD memory card, external memory of the phone can be extended up to 8GB. The 960 mAh Li-Ion battery of the phone will support up to 10 hours of talk time and 30 days of stand by time. This Corby model will run on the quad band GSM network. It will support EDGE connectivity. However, 3G and Wi-Fi connections are missing from the handset.

Samsung Corby Speed

Corby Speed is a CDMA version of Samsung Corby S3650. It supports up to 2.4Mbps data downlink speed. The Open Market Handset technology of Corby Speed makes it compatible with most carrier networks. Rest of the technical features of Corby Speed is same as that of the original Corby model. It flaunts a 2.8 inches QVGA touch screen, 2MP camera, MP3 players, 80MB internal storage space, microSD slot and access to popular social networking sites.