Cool Hairstyles for Men

Cool Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles reflect men’s fashion knowledge, his culture, behavior, mannerism. It imparts a large volume of blends to ones character. As of which, hairstyles should never be left unimportant. Fashionable hairstyles came into existence centuries ago, and kept rolling with each generation. The worth of your hair and hairstyle is noted only when you shave your head bald, where you realize that you look damn bad, and think of getting out from it to have a cool looking hairstyle.

For that, adaptation to the new trends of hair style is a must. Here is a list of few charming and wanted hairstyles for men.


Originated in 1950s, but still holds a place in the hit charts of hairstyle. This is more listed in European and American fashion styles. Hair is combed backwards and the end part is left curled, keeping it neat and tidy. It is more like the spiked hair trend used now, where the hair is left straight.


Launched by an American music band called misfits in 70s.Where the front end of the hair is made to move downwards leaving in a devil like look, hence the name spelled ‘Devilock’. This was later adopted by Japanese and Chinese and is also popularly followed in other countries too.

Spiky Hair

The most common hairstyle these days. Hair is gelled to remain in the form of spikes. It is also given the name ‘Mohawk’. The ends are remained touched to the scalp. The current trend is well accepted by youngsters.


This kind of hairstyle involves the hair being gathered together and clipped at the back. It is a common trend for ladies, but now familiar with men too.

Crew Cut

This cut is generally adapted among cops, Military assistants. The ends are kept short or even left out using a razor, and the top part is left as it is, provided that it is shaped.