Control Your Anger- Few Tips

control-your-anger Anger is a very common emotion of human beings. There is no one in this earth who doesn’t get angry at times. However, you must control your anger so that it never does any harm to anybody. Sometimes people get so very angry that they lose their mind and act abnormally. Anger can be very dangerous if you lose control over it. Whatever you say or do once, can never be undone. So, it better to keep your anger in control than to regret your own acts later. Let’s check out the following tips that deal with controlling your anger in different ways.

Change Your Attitude: One gets angry when things don’t happen according to his will. If you really want to control your anger, you must change your attitude. Accept things how they occur. Don’t think much about things that are not in your control. Expect less from others because great expectations bring heart breaks and eventually anger.

Deep Breathing: When you get angry with someone, and realize the fact that you can act abnormally or talk harshly, close your eyes immediately and take a few deep breaths. Take the breaths slowly and also exhale slowly. You will notice that your anger will come under control and you will feel much relaxed and calm. Deep breathing is a very effective method of cooling down your excitement.

Counting Numbers Backward: Another very effective way to keep your anger in control is to start counting numbers when you get angry. Whenever you get angry with something or somebody, count numbers backward (like counting from 20 to 1). Back counting will distract your mind from the anger and keep you cool.

Stop Talking: Don’t allow yourself to continue talking with the person you are angry with. When you are angry with someone, you lose your senses and start talking harshly. This makes a very bad impression on you and that lasts long too. So, if you are aware of your anger and want to control it from your heart, you should stop talking at the right moment. May be people will encourage you to continue talking. But you have to be determined and keep your mouth shut for your own good.