Consume tasty chives for high blood pressure and cancer

chives Chives belong to the onion family and are considered the smallest species of them. They are generally found in the month of May and June and beautify the garden by their globular pink flower heads. Chives are mostly used for garnishing salads. The name has been derived from Greek as well as French word meaning onion. This kind of vegetable is very helpful for sore throat and sunburns. Today this specie is found in Europe, Asia, North America etc.

Chives are very helpful for controlling high blood pressure if taken daily with the meals. It is also beneficial for the digestive system and blood circulation. It also acts as appetizer, digestive material, hypotensive and a tonic. Its antibacterial properties help in the treatment of cough, sore throat, asthma dysentery, dyspepsia and blood cholesterol. Not only the fruit but the seeds contain much amount of alkaloids and saponins which helps in the treatment of diseases like of spermatorrhoea, haematuria, incontinence and lumbago. The most important thing is that it reduces the risk of several types of cancers.

The nutrients that are found in the fruit are vitamin K, vitamins A and C, Calcium etc. It is used in different kinds of dishes around the world. Chives are used as garnishing element in different types of stews and soups. It is also used to give a flavor to different kinds of salad and cottage cheese. . This specie is known for vegetables, flavorings, and medicinal plants. In China Chives are used with pork and the flower of the vegetable serves as a tangy spice. It is also used in the preparation of different kinds of fishes. In France and Sweden, this is used in the preparation of traditional dishes. As a whole this specie is mostly used for flavoring the different kinds of dishes.