Consume eggs – Prevent breast cancer

consume-eggs Egg is a very healthy, tasty and nutritious food. We know that eggs are very rich in cholesterol, but the lecithin which contain in the egg prevents the cholesterol from being absorbed in the body. In the recent studies it has been found that people should not worry about their cholesterol levels after eating eggs. People who do not have cholesterol in their heredity can consume one to two eggs per day. Eggs do not cause heart diseases.

A recent study at the University of North Carolina found that a woman who consumes eggs daily has a reduced risk of breast cancer. Eggs contain an element known as cloline which helps to prevent the breast cancer The research has been made on 3000 women and it was found that women who consumed eggs has 24 % less risk of the cancer than others. The element cloline is found only in the yolk of the eggs and in other food items like liver, wheat germ , cauliflower, coffee, and skim milk. But most of the women do not get these adequately.

Cloline is very essential for the proper functioning of the body cells; it is needed mostly at the time of pregnancy. A daily intake of average of 455 mg of cloline from the egg can reduce the risk of the cancer to a great extent. Every woman should consume eggs on a daily basis irrespective of age and figure.

Cloline is not only beneficial for the prevention of breast cancer; it also helps in preventing birth defects, improving memory, and reducing heart attack risk.

Not only women, men should also consume cloline for their better health. An egg contains 125.5 mg of cloline, a man should consume about 550 mg of cloline and for the women it may range from 500 to 425 mg, depending on the pregnancy stage and age.