Constipation in Babies

Constipation in Babies

Constipation is a gastrointestinal tract problem seen in people of any age . During constipation  there will be less or lack of bowel movements. Even infants are prone to have constipation.

In new born there will be several bowel movements and the frequency of bowel movement decreases with the introduction of solid foods. Some kids have difficulty in passing stool even though the stool appears normal. Breast fed babies are less prone to have constipation . This is because  they have various beneficial bacteria in their intestine which help them to digest the  breast milk easily. Breast feeding may also increase the amount of hormones required for the normal bowel movements.

Causes of Constipation in Babies

Bottle feeding increases the risk for getting constipation as it is difficult for the baby to digest the formula milk. If you have the habit of switching different types of formula milk then also it increases the risk for getting constipation. Sometimes breast fed babies may also develop constipation . Introduction of solid foods to your baby, lack of fluid in diet,  hypothyroidism, iron deficiency, etc may also cause constipation. Anatomic defects of digestive system may also cause constipation in babies.

Remedies for Baby Constipation


Babies less than four months old can be treated with two ounce of fruit juice diluted with water. Fruit juices like grape juice, apple-prune juice, prune juice etc are good. Give fruit juices at least twice a day. For kids between 4 to 12 months old, give fruits rich with fibers like pears, prune, peaches, plum etc.

Tummy Massage

Tummy massage is also beneficial for getting rid of constipation. You need to massage your baby’s tummy in clockwise direction starting from the naval region and moving out with circular motions.


Increase the amount of fluid in your child’s diet. Make sure that your baby is drinking sufficient water and diluted juices.

Also avoid the foods that makes the stool harder such as rice, bananas, precessed foods, white bread etc. Try to make a habit of regular bowel movements by making your kid sit on the toilet during the same time everyday. If you kid is suffering from severe constipation then take him to the doctor.