Comprehending and dealing with teenage rebellion

teen-rebellion Teenage is a phase of life when individuals are most confused and often suffer from oscillating emotions. Some children tend to retreat into their own personal shells. However, most of them tend to exhibit volatile gestures and emotions.

As a parent, it is necessary to realize why an adolescent kid is behaving in this way. Rather than retorting them, one should try to get to the root of their attitude.

First, reason out why your teenage kid is behaving in a rebellious manner. There are innumerable factors ranging from trivial to gigantic ones that could determine a child’s behavior at this stage.

Some common reasons are a want for more freedom in terms of expression, decision making etc. Children who are into their teenage years often cry for extra liberty in several matters. When denied, they start acting in an unruly fashion.

A parent must realize that rather than admonishing the child at this stage, it is more important to be patient with them. It is important to talk out their problems and explain to them gently the repercussions of their demand.

Peer influence is yet another crucial factor controlling teenage volatility. Often teenagers wish to be a part of the inner circle of a particular peer group.

In this process, his/her peers might demand him/her to perform certain actions that might give him/her an entry pass into the group.

Adolescents often act in such cases without understanding that their peers’ demands might not be good for them in the long run. Many teenagers get involved in serious acts like drug abuse etc. due to such influences.

For parents therefore, it is extremely important to inform and teach children about selecting friends with wisdom.

Also, there are several other reasons like conflict among parents, stringent disciplinary routines at home and school, panic of a possible failure etc. that a make adolescents rebellious.

Hence, as a parent it is essential to understand the nature of one’s teenage kid’s rebellion. It is not necessary that all rebellions are bad. Sometimes teenager’s rebellion can also lead to constructive and creative ends.

For example, if a teenager wants to develop a hobby like painting into a career; then it becomes the duty of the parents to promote it. One should always show love and faith in one’s child so as to reduce the scope for rebellion.