Common Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases

Common Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are the diseases that are transmitted from one person to another through unprotected sex. These diseases may get transferred while having anal or vaginal intercourse, oral sex and sharing sexual devices like vibrators. Some of the STDs are curable while others are non curable and fatal. Here are some of the common STDs.


Syphilis is a bacterial disease that gets transmitted through sexual contact. It is also known as pox and is caused by Treponema palladium. If the infected woman is pregnant then it may pass to her unborn child too. The symptoms appear after three months of having sex with an infected person and it includes ulcers that are painless on the vagina, penis, cervix, vulva, anus and mouth. The swollen gland in groin may leads to small lumps. There may be non itchy rashes, fever and flu like symptoms. In the final stage syphilis may affect the heart and may even leads to death.


This is a curable sexually transmitted disease that infects the penile urethra of men and cervix and urethra of women. It may also affect the rectum and eyes. This is caused by bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis. In the initial stage there won’t be any symptoms and the infection remains with in a person with out any visible symptoms for weeks, months and years. Hence the chances for transmitting this disease are more. The symptoms include pain at the time of sex and discharge from the vagina and penis. If Chlamydia is left untreated then it may cause infertility.


Gonorrhea is another bacterial disease that is transmitted while having sex. This disease causes infection on cervix, urethra, anus, rectum, throat etc. The symptoms may appear with in 14 days of infection and this is mostly in men than in women. There may be a burning sensation while urinating, sometimes yellow or white discharge comes from penis and in women there may be a color change of the vaginal discharge. When the rectum is getting infected then it may cause discharge and irritations on the anus.

In order to prevent these diseases limit your sex with a single partner and use latex condoms while having sex.