Color Therapy

color-therapy Cheer up guys! You don’t have to visit the doctors any more. Now you can solve all your problems with the colors around you. Yes! The colors can do wonders and bring magical changes in our lives. You just have to study a little about the meanings and effects of the different colors. Color therapy is nothing new; rather this is a very old practice, which is also very much scientific. So what is the wait for? Check out the individual colors and their therapeutic effects on our lives.

Black: Black is the color of confidence. Whenever you feel that you are giving your efforts, but nobody is appreciating you for your hard word, use the color black. You can use the color in whatever way you like. You can wear black or put something black in you workplace so that you can see the color all the time. See how magically people start appreciating your work.

Yellow: Yellow is known as the color of concentration and movement. Wear yellow dress on a day when you have some exam or something like that. It will increase your concentration power and help you perform well in the test. Since yellow is also the color of movement, you can use it for any some vital changes in your life. If you want to change your work like or move to some other place, use yellow for that.

Blue: If you are overweight, eat on a blue plate as the color blue lessens your appetite. Blue also reduces your anxiety and brings you peace. That is why many people prefer to paint their bedroom in blue color.

Red and Orange: Red and orange are both the colors of energy and vitality. Whenever you feel down and lethargic, wear red or orange. These colors will bring joy and vitality to your life and make your more energetic.

Green: The color green reduces irritation. If you feel irritated sometimes, eat lots of green and use the color in any way you want. Wear green dresses or use green objects and so on. Use your imagination and use the color more.