Colon Cleansing Diet For Better Health

Colon-Cleansing-Diet We have different types of diet plans that affect our health in different ways. The right diet plan would not only help to shed the extra flab, but it should also improve the overall health.

Colon cleansing diet is one such diet plan, which by flashing out toxins from the body, enables the organs of the body to perform their normal function. A healthy body could naturally break down the unwanted fat in the body, helping the body to maintain healthy weight.

Importance of colon cleansing diet
The last portion of our digestive tract is known as the colon. It comprises of the large intestine, rectum and anus. The functions of the colon include absorption of water and essential minerals present in the solid wastes, and elimination of the solid wastes from the body. Colon cleansing diet promotes proper bowel movement, removing all traces of wastes from the body.

Irregular and improper bowel movement and constipation is a sign of poor colon function. Proper diet is necessary to stimulate regular bowel movement.

Poor colon function risks
Improper bowel movement clogs the colon with solid wastes, hindering normal functioning of the colon. If the colon fails to perform its normal function, the toxins and harmful bacteria remain in the body. These toxins re-enters the body leading to a wide range of health problems. Poor colon function is responsible for constipation, acid reflux, belching, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome, skin and hair problems and fatigue.

Colon cleansing diet plan
Several foods tend to overwork the colon. Regular consumption of these foods slows down the normal function of colon. To ensure proper colon function, you should limit intake of refined carbohydrates, processed meat, fats, caffeine and seafood.

Vegetables and fruits containing fiber are essential components of colon cleansing diet. It is advisable to consume raw fruits and vegetables. Compared to cooked vegetables, dietary fibers remain intact in their natural state in the raw vegetables. Include probiotic food products, such as yogurt and kefir in your colon cleansing diet. To ease bowel movement, intake of psyllium husk or flax seeds is essential. Plenty of fluid consumption is necessary for facilitating bowel movement. You should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. To regain the colon health, once a week you should fast. During the fast, your diet will comprise of fruit and vegetable juices and water.