Cod Fish Recipes

Cod fish is a cold water fish that is usually seen near the bottom of deep water . Cod fish is very popular for its oil obtained from the liver and also for its edible flesh. Cod fish is a good source of easily absorbable protein while  it has less or no fat and carbohydrate. It is found to be a very good source of essential nutrients like DHA, Vitamin A, vitamin D, EPA etc.

These nutrients helps you to attain healthy skin, healthy joints, strong teeth and bones along with a very healthy cardiovascular system. It also helps you to make a healthy lining in your digestive system. It also protect you from mood variations and depression by maintaining a healthy nervous system. Here is a recipe of cod fish that helps you to include cod fish in your diet.

Cod fish Recipe

Crispy lemon Cod Fish

Ingredients Crispy lemon Cod Fish

Butter – one tablespoon
Olive oil – two tablespoon
Egg white – two
Panko which is the Japanese bread crumbs – two cups
Cod fish fillets – one and a half pounds
Kosher salt – to taste
Powdered black pepper – to taste

Ingredients for Lemon Butter Sauce

Lemon Juice – 13 cups
White wine vinegar – two tablespoon
Butter – two tablespoon
Kosher salt – half teaspoon


Take a large and non stick frying pan and to this add olive oil and butter and heat it in medium flame. Take the egg white in a bowl and beat it well. Spread panko in a plate or shallow dish. Now dip the cod fish fillets first in egg white and then in panko and season it with pepper and salt. Now saute the fish fillet in butter olive oil mixture till it becomes golden brown in color. It takes almost three minutes. And cook the other side also.

Tips to Make Lemon Butter Sauce

Keep a small saucepan in low flame and heat it. To this add lemon juice and vinegar and heat it till it gets reduced to half. It may takes six minutes and then stir the salt and butter to this reduced mixture.

Now you can drizzle this lemon butter sauce over the fried cod fish fillets lightly and serve it.