Clogs – Footwear Fashion With Clogs

In the 19th and early 20th century, the Dutch farmers and the industrial workers in Britain could hardly realize that their cheap wooden footwear could one day adorn the shelves of reputed fashion stores.

Clogs are no longer unfashionable and of course, they are no longer products meant solely for the masses. They are now the trendy footwear worn by the fashion conscious people. From runaways to retail stores, you can easily spot clogs suitable for every foot.

Clogs – footwear fashion for 2010

The humble wooden footwear of farmers in Netherlands and Sweden was recreated in the 70s. The reinvented clogs were no longer the unstylish footwear made from alder, birch, willow and sycamore. Modern clogs are more comfortable for the feet. Wood has been replaced largely by leather, canvas, suede, rubber and plastic.

In the avant-garde circle, it is fashionable to wear clogs without socks. As evident from the trends on the runaways, high-heeled clogs are once again back. As more and more celebrities are spotted flaunting these fashionable shoes on their feet, clogs are touted to become the hot footwear for the spring and summer.

Types of clogs

Clogs made in Sweden are still considered the best. These handcrafted clogs are admired for their artistic value. However, if comfort of your feet is your primary concern, these shoes might not be your best choice. If you love designer footwear, clogs created in the workshops of leading fashion houses might be suitable for your feet. Clogs carrying the Chanel or Louise Vuitton labels are trendy and sophisticated.

You can wear clogs of any color, although red, black and white are trendier. Men can opt for the brown or black leather clogs. You can even try the Dansko clogs, which are currently perhaps the most popular clog brand. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, these Danish clogs are perfectly designed for the feet. Therefore, people who are scared to wear clogs because of their weight or uncomfortable design could safely rely on the Dansko clogs.

Dresses with clogs

Clogs are meant to complement carefree dressing. You can wear clogs with short dresses or tights.