Client talk-entertaining them well

client-talk Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Entertaining clients is mostly about scoring good business deals. Instead of sitting in a stuffy boardroom for long hours and risky a backache, you can earn a new account over dinner or golf.

Of course, don’t overdo the entertainment, leaving no room for business. Whatever manner you choose to entertain your clients, it should be planned to suit discussions and talks about work. Hunting or fishing is probably not a good idea since both require a lot of concentration on the task in hand.

Successful entertaining is the result of showing interest in the client’s interests. Take pains to find out what he or she likes to do. They’ll appreciate your concern and also have a good time. And if the client is in a good mood, then your work just got easier!

Food time
One of the most common ways of entertaining clients is taking them out to a lunch or dinner. To gain an edge, don’t just choose any restaurant. Find out their food and dietary preferences. If they’re new in town, treat them to a local delicacy. Select a restaurant with a pleasant ambience that will allow for peaceful and lengthy business talks.

Travel time
Clients from abroad coming for the first time would love to do some sightseeing of the new country. Fulfill their wish and show them around. Ensure that you take good care of them and provide for all their requirements.

Sports time
Believe it or not, clients do like sports. Besides golf, a common game for business magnates in country clubs, clients who like football would love tickets to a big game.

Rest time
A visit to a spa or holiday resort might actually be a good way to relax during the summer while also getting some work done. Clients who are busy and overworked would prefer relaxation to any other activities. Select a clean place with good amenities and service so that you don’t have to be embarrassed in front of your clients.

Now work is fun too, for you and your client!