Choosing the right wallpaper

stripped-wallpaper If painting doesn’t appeal to you, you can give your house a new look with wallpaper. A variety of colors, designs, patterns and themes offer abundant choice to make the right decision. However, this is easier said than done. Wallpaper can either make or break the interiors of your house.

Wallpapers need to be selected not only on the basis of their design but also on how the design complements the furnishings in your rooms. In addition, the wallpapers in the bathroom and kitchen need to be water-resistant. Good wallpaper will last for a long period of time, probably even longer than paint.


Measure the size of the rooms to determine how much wallpaper you will require. You may want to use the wallpaper for either one side of the wall or the entire room. Make these decisions before setting out to make a purchase.


Colors are very important when selecting wallpaper. Warm colors create a cozy feel and dark ones make the room appear smaller. The latter are also useful if you want to hide any defects on the walls.

Use dark colors only if your furnishings are of light shades. Light colors on wallpaper can make a room appear large, open and spacious.


If you have a particular theme in mind for your rooms, ask the store for a catalog of wallpapers. Go through varied sample books to help you decide as to which pattern and style would best suit your needs.


Take into consideration the artwork that you would like to display on your walls. The wallpaper you select should contrast with it. If you want to emphasize the wall hangings, a simple backdrop is necessary and therefore unpretentious wallpaper without too many patterns and designs would meet your requirements.


Avoid buying wallpaper immediately at the store. It is important to take samples home and test them. Check how they look in different kinds of lighting.

Wallpaper dominates majority of the area in your house. So select it wisely to give your home the appearance you desire.