Choosing The Right Toy For Toddlers

Your baby gradually grows up and enters the toddler stage. At this stage, between 1 and 3 years, the cognitive skills of the child begin developing. The toddler starts exploring the world around him/her, picks up new skills, and learns new things. This is the time when the child loves playing.

While choosing toys for toddlers, remember to pick up toys that besides entertaining your kid, should also engage the child in an activity compatible with his likings and skill.

Toy safety
Whatever toy you prefer to buy for your child, remember to select only the ones that are perfectly safe for your kids. Before buying a toy, check the warning labels. Toys with small or loose parts are not safe for toddlers. Stuffed toys might cause chocking. They are not recommended for toddlers.

Young children often tend to put things in their mouths. To prevent chocking hazards, do not select toys that can fit into your child’s mouth. Avoid buying toys with sharp edges. Your child might hurt himself with the pointed edges of the toys. Remember to give your child toys that are free from hazardous chemicals. The label on the toy might not disclose the truth about any toxic material, such as toxic paint, used in making the toy. It is important for the parents to check with government websites to see whether the toy has been recalled. While buying toys that emit sound, check whether the sound level is within the tolerable limit. Buy toys that are made of strong materials that could withstand falls. Breakable toys, when shattered after a fall, increase the risk of injury to the toddler. Also, remember to check that there are no loose strings in the toy. Lose cords increase strangulation risk in the child.

Choosing the right toy
Buy toys that are appropriate for your child’s age. The activities and interests of your child might help you to select the right toy for the child. Your child who knows nothing about mathematics or spellings might find some educational toys boring, on the other hand, they might prefer push and play toys and toys that make sounds or flash lights. Instead of choosing a toy according to your interest, choose a toy that would interest the toddler.