Choosing coffee beans – only the best will do

coffee_beans A coffee break should be relaxing and refreshing. You lay back with a cup of coffee in your hand in an easy chair and then sip your coffee. And oh, it tastes terrible! Not only is your coffee break ruined but also your money. You rue spending hard-earned cash on an inferior bag of coffee beans.

Ensure that the above scenario doesn’t occur again. Buy only the best coffee beans that will make a good and delicious cup of coffee. Read further to know how you can select good coffee beans.

The right place

At a specialty or gourmet store, you will be able to find good coffee beans. You can inquire and sample varied coffee beans and types of roasts in order to make an informed decision.

The right time

Fresh and best go together when it comes to coffee. You need to check the pack and buy freshly roasted coffee beans to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Stale coffee does not taste good no matter how expensive or rich it is. Fresh coffee beans have a full, rich taste and a wonderful aroma, and seem to be shiny.

The right type

Among the many types of coffee across the world, two are most popular, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the preferred kind as it tastes better and has low content of caffeine. It has a mild flavor that is aromatic as well.

The right coffee roast; as you like it

Depending on your personal taste and preference, you can select among the varied kinds of available coffee roasts. A light or cinnamon roast, pale brown in color, has a sharp, acidic taste. The medium roast, the popular American roast, is brown and slightly bittersweet to taste.

The dark roast has, naturally, a dark brown color. It is also called Continental or Viennese roast. The very dark roasted beans are almost black in color and have a rich taste.

After you’ve purchased your good coffee beans, make sure you store them in a cool, dry place away from heat and moisture. Enjoy a cup of the best coffee!