Choosing a Dog Day Care

When left alone in the house for a long time, dogs can become bored and irritated. Even when you are at home, you might not have enough time to take your pet for a walk. If you can’t spent enough time with your dog, you can consider sending your pet to a dog day care center.

Choosing a doggy day care
Rules of dog day care
Pet owners should carefully choose a day care for their beloved dog. Dog day care centers often have specific regulations that every pet owner should comply. Day care centers admit dogs who have been vaccinated against major diseases.

Before sending your dog to a day care, you should take precautions against ticks, fleas and heartworms. To gain admission to a day care, your animal should be compatible with other pets. If your pet is aggressive towards other dogs, doggy day care centers might not admit her.

Although, old and shy dogs could find a place in the doggy day care, they might find it difficult to adjust with other animals. Before sending your dog to a day care, make sure that your pet could be comfortable in the new environment.

Quality of staff
You should check whether the staff of the day care is trained to handle the animals. Dog day cares run by animal lover organizations are usually safe for pets. Before selecting a day care center for your pet, check the staff to dog ratio. A single staff of the organization should not handle more than 10 to 15 dogs.

Check the facilities provided by the dog day care. Avoid day cares that are overcrowded. There should be adequate space, so that your pet could comfortably stay in the day care. A good day care center should have a spacious play area. They should have an emergency plan and in-house vet, who can be contacted during emergency. The day care should have a sound security system, so that the animal could not escape from the day care.

If you have several doggy day cares in your area, compare the services provided by the day cares. Depending upon your budget, choose a day care that provides optimum facilities.