Children and Cell Phone

children-and-cell-phone With so many different types of cell phones around us, the entire world seems to have gone crazy over this single device. Your children can be no different. It is possible that your kids are raising tantrums about buying a cell phone. But do you think that a cell phone is necessary for your kid?

Why your child needs a cell phone
There are several pros and cons of owning a cell phone. Your child might ask for a cell phone because most of his/her friends have one. Kids might think that owning this cool device will enhance their position in school. However, as a parent the real reason for handing your child a cell phone is to keep in touch with your child. Cell phones come handy during emergency. Therefore, if you or your child needs to communicate with you, he can call you on the cell phone. Cell phone can be a safety device for your child.

Your child’s first cell phone
If you want to give your child a cell phone, you should select a simple cell phone. Several cell phones designed specifically for children are available. These simple cell phones are primarily designed for making and receiving calls and text messages. Preferably, choose a phone, which features parental control. This helps parents to limit calls. Phones meant for kids, frequently allow parents to restrict the number of persons who can be called from the phone. You can opt for cell phones with in-built GPS. This may help to track your child’s location during emergency. A child’s phone should not be equipped with internet browser. It should not have chatting or instant messaging features.

Don’t buy an expensive cell phone for your child. Your child doesn’t need a multifunctional smartphone. Get a prepaid data plan for your child’s cell phone. This prevents your child from making excess calls, and at the same time, you can manage your child’s cell phone budget.

Health precaution
Is cell phone absolutely safe for your child? According to some studies, risk of non-malignant tumors in brain and ears is highest among people who excessively use cell phones. Exposure to electromagnetic fields could damage our cognitive function. If your child is using a cell phone, ensure that he uses it occasionally. Children below eight years of age should not be given access to cell phones.