Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

chickenalfredo Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

This is a very good chicken noodle that is layered with cheese, onions, sauce and tomatoes. Each and every layer gives you separate taste. This is a very good Italian dish that gives you the good taste of Alfredo sauce.


Skinless and boneless chicken breasts – six
Alfredo sauce roasted with garlic- two jars
Lasagna noodles of no boil type – one box
Frozen or fresh Spinach that is chopped – one box
Milk – one cup
Balsamic vinegar – one cup
Olive oil – 13 cup
Mozzarella cheese that is divided and is shredded – four cups
Ricotta cheese – one 8 ounce container
Parmesan cheese – ¼ cup
Tomatoes that are chopped – three
Onion which is chopped finely- one medium sized
Italian dressing mix – one package
Italian seasoning – a pinch
Pepper powder- a pinch
Garlic powder – a pinch
Salt – to taste

Preparation Tips

Get the required chicken and wash it thoroughly. Then get a large storage bag and keep the chicken in that bag along with one cup balsamic vinegar, 13 cup olive oil and one package Italian dressing. Shake the storage bag containing all these very well and keep it in refrigerator for one to one and a half hour. Now you can grill the chicken in a preheated microwave till the chicken becomes golden brown or its center never remains pink. Cut the grilled chicken in to pieces of bite size and take it in a large bowl. Add one cup milk and Alfredo sauce to the chicken pieces and whisk them well.

Get the spinach and if it is frozen then defrost it in microwave and drain the spinach. Mix spinach with powdered pepper and salt as per your taste. In other bowl combine ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning and keep it aside. Get a large baking dish and spread a slim layer of Alfredo sauce on the baking dish and spread a thin layer of noodles on top of it. Then top the noodles layer with the cheese mixture and chopped tomatoes. Again make a slim layer with the Alfredo sauce on top of tomatoes and then layer it with noodles. Then spread the drained and chopped spinach and onion on top of it. Then make a layer on top with mozzarella cheese which is again toped with noodles and Alfredo sauce. Now place the prepared chicken and sprinkle the mozzarella cheese. Make the next layer with the remaining noodles and Alfredo sauce and again sprinkle the left out cheese on top of all.

Bake the entire things at a temperature of 400 degree for about 45 minutes. This will give you 8 servings of chicken Alfredo lasagna.