Cheese Omelet Recipe

cheese-omelet Cheese omelet is a very tasty preparation of egg. Starting from kids to old people, everyone loves omelet and relishes the yummy taste. Omelet can be cooked in many different ways. However, the one cooked with cheese is perhaps the yummiest. Though it contains little more calories in it, you can enjoy it once in a week. The old people, especially those with high cholesterol, should not go for cheese omelet very frequently. The recipe of cheese omelet is very easy and simple. You can cook it within minutes and bring the magical smile on the lips of your kids. So, check out the recipe of cheese omelet and try it out today itself. Lots of applause is waiting for you tonight.

Preparing the Egg Batter: First you need to prepare the egg batter. For that you have to crack one or two eggs (depending on the number of guests) in a bowl and add a pinch of salt in it. Add grated cheese in the mixture and stir well with a spoon for some time. When the batter is mixed well, add small pieces of onion in this mixture and again mix them well.

Cooking Process: Now you have to turn on the gas oven and take a non-sticky pan. Then put some oil in it. When the oil is warm enough, pour the egg batter in the pan and spread it. Cook it for few minutes and then turn it upside down. After few moments, your egg cheese omelet is ready. Don’t use too much oil; rather a little will do as there is already cheese in the batter.

Serving Procedure: Before serving the hot cheese omelet to your guests, don’r forget to sprinkle a little sea salt and black pepper over the omelet to add some more taste in the preparation. Some people also love to eat the cheese omelet with tomato sauce. So, you can serve that too. For decoration purpose, you may use some lettuce leaves over the dish. The sause and the lettuce will add more colors to the omelet and make the preparation more attractive.