Check High Blood Pressure- Few Tips

high-blood-pressure High blood pressure is a very serious illness that can even kill you. Another name for this disease is Hypertension. Various types of heart diseases may develop from High blood pressure. So, you must keep your blood pressure in control to avoid the related diseases. In some cases this disease goes undetected and then many fatal diseases can appear such as kidney failure, stroke or even heart attack. Follow the useful tips below to check your blood pressure.

Watch your weight: According to the experts, the normal range of blood pressure range should be 140/90 mm hg at rest. You must control your weight to keep it your high blood pressure in the normal range. If you are overweight or obese, you must try to reduce your weight first. For that you need to follow a normal diet of adequate amount and avoid over eating. Try to avoid oily and spicy food items as they lead you to gain weight very fast. However, dieting is not enough; you should also involve in physical activities in a regular basis. Practice yoga in the morning and do some warm up exercises to keep yourself fit.

Lead a stress free life: Try to avoid taking stress as it can act as a catalyst and increase the risk of high blood pressure. Though in today’s life people are surrounded with multiple responsibilities and stress has becomes a part of life, you need to keep yourself away from the major sources of stress. Try to maintain a normal work pressure and also reduce your expectations from life. Enjoy what you have in life, don’t worry and be a happy person.

Quit smoking and reduce drinking: In spite of our knowledge regarding the fatal effect of smoking and excessive drinking, we continue with our bad habits. Don’t neglect your health. Both drinking and smoking lead you to the risks of high blood pressure. Try to quit these habits and live longer.