Charm bracelets – creating your own charm

Charm bracelets Charm bracelets are unlike other pieces of jewelry: they are believed to have certain functions. The history of charms relates the various uses it was put to – bring good luck, protection, assertion of ancestry etc.

Nowadays, charm bracelets make a unique style statement about the wearer.

Charm bracelets are available in many types with various kinds of charms attached to them. You can buy one that suits your taste or create your own charm bracelet that carries your own personality in it.

Making a charm bracelet
There are many ways to fashion your own charm bracelet. One of them is to buy a bracelet at a garage sale and modify it with charms to suit your style. This is the best way to begin if you don’t want to buy a new charm bracelet.

Another way is to rummage in your house for old and forgotten ornaments. Some people have the habit of saving broken and apparently useless jewelry or trinkets. If you’re one of them, rummaging through these ‘treasures’ may help you find something useful for your very own charm bracelet.

Charm bracelets don’t always have to be chains. If you prefer leather, ribbon or cloth, you can make a charm bracelet out of these materials. Cut one of these materials into a strap that fits your wrist and attach the charm or charms to it.

If you already have a chain, collect charms that you would like to wear and attach them to it. Alter the size of the chain to fit your wrist. You will need pliers, eye pins, wire cutters etc to attach the charms onto the chain.

The charms
While there are standard charms like horseshoes, swastiks, oms, keys etc, it would be more personal to wear charms that relate to your life. Assign a theme to your charm bracelet – your hobbies, past events, people in your life, personality traits etc. Trinkets that have a special memory attached to them, guardian angels, pendants etc can also be used as charms.

Charm the crowd with your unique charm bracelet!